Where this starts


In 2008, while in grad school, I bought a new bicycle.  Of course it wasn’t my first bike, I’d had a few as a kid.  In fact, having grown up in Iowa, I had done RAGBRAI twice in high school. But I’d pretty much stopped riding and my bike was covered in dust and sitting on flat tires in the basement.  The new bike got me going again, and over the next couple years I got back into road riding and any chance I got I was on the roads outside Philadelphia.  I was hooked.  I even fixed up that old Trek that had taken me across Iowa and started commuting to work.

But then in 2010, I moved to Boston and started a new job.  I sold the Trek since I wouldn’t have room in my new place.  Between my long hours and living only a block away from work, my bicycle went in pieces in the closet and was forgotten again.

Finally, in 2013 I found myself with some more free time and on a warm summer day finally started riding again.  I remembered all the reasons I used to do this, and again started riding whenever I can.   Along the way I have (re)learned a lot about cycling, and took notes and photos to keep track of everything I was doing.  I decided I may as well put what I learned out there, so I’m steadily transferring my observations to this blog.  As a result, I’ve back-dated this initial set of posts to stay consistent with my own notes and allow me to keep a nice chronological record of my thoughts.  So, while this post was written in March of 2015, I’ve dated it to August 23, 2013 – the day I finally took my bike back out on the road.