Tour of Sufferlandria


ToSI’ve written before about how the Sufferfest videos provide good motivation when stuck inside during the winter.  With a new baby this year I haven’t been riding as much as I hoped, and definitely haven’t been spending time on the trainer.  As luck would have it, I had a light week of work at the end of January, which happened to coincide with this year’s Tour of Sufferlandria.  This is an event where there is a prescribed sequence of Sufferfest videos, one or more each day for a week.  The purpose is to raise money for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s research.  The Sufferfest puts together prizes, and for each $10 you donate to the Phinney Foundation you get a chance to win.

As a neurologist, and as someone with several family members with Parkinson’s, this seemed like a better excuse than usual to ride my bike.  This year’s lineup of videos was as follows:

  • Jan 24: Elements of Style + The Long Scream
  • Jan 25: Blender
  • Jan 26: Fight Club
  • Jan 27: Nine Hammers
  • Jan 28: Angels
  • Jan 29: Local Hero
  • Jan 30: The Rookie
  • Jan 31: Revolver + Violator + Half is Easy
  • Feb 1: ISLAGIATT

I was a bit worried about being able to handle all this since I’d been riding much less, but it turns out that even just commuting every day has left me in better shape than I thought.  I was able to manage all of these pretty well until hitting the three video stage on Jan 31.  You definitley don’t move around much while on the trainer compared to the actual road, and I was definitely numb by the end of that one.  Getting back on the bike for two more hours the following day was difficult to bear, but I managed to see it through.

Of the videos, my new favorite is The Rookie, which features on-bike footage from the Giant-Shimano and the updated Sufferfest on screen prompts.  Definitely kept me from getting bored on day  7 of 9.

This ended up being a nice kick start to getting back in shape before spring comes.  While I didn’t end up winning anything, I did treat myself to a Davis Phinney jersey from Rapha (which happened to be on sale at the same time, and is now discontinued).  Looking forward to actually getting to wear it outside…


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